Stony Plain Registries | Motor Vehicles
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Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Services

We can provide registration services for all your motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, and off-highway vehicles. This includes renewing registration, issuing and transferring plates, ordering personalized plates, and prorate services.

To Transfer your Plates or, Obtain New Plates we will require:


  • Proof of Ownership Bill of Sale or lease agreement
  • Proof of valid insurance (not required for trailers)
  • Identification


ALL owners on the ownership document are required to attend the office, or provide written authorization for someone else to do the service on their behalf Authorization Form.

To Renew your Plates, we will require:


  • Your previous / current expiring registration
  • Proof of valid insurance
  • Your Drivers Licence


If there are changes you need to attend in person or send written authorization for someone else to do it on your behalf. You can renew plates/registration for someone else as long as the above documents are presented and the plate is not expired for more than 3 months. If it has been expired more than 3 months an Authorization form will be require

If your plates, registration or yearly sticker have been lost or stolen :


The registered owner(s) must attend in person to replace the missing item, a fee of $22.45 currently applies If (all) the registered owner(s) cannot attend they need to provide written authorization.

You Wish to Import a Vehicle

For more information please visit Alberta Transportation Alberta Transportation