Stony Plain Registries | Our Services
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Our Services

Motor Vehicles

We provide registration services for all your motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, and off-highway vehicles.


All Driver licence services need to be done in person with appropriate identification

Vital Statistics

Official Documents of Vital Events that have occurred in Alberta. We can order for you.

Corporate Registry

We have been offering Alberta Corporate services since 1998.

Personal Property

Register liens in the Personal Property system that relate to security interests, or writs of enforcement issued by the courts.

Land Titles

Buying land, or a house? Want to know who owns a piece of land? Wish to know what is registered against your land?

Alberta Health

We make it easy to register for health care coverage or update your personal registration information.

Boat License

Get your boating licence today!

Passport Photos

Canadian Passport Photos, FAC photos, Permanent Resident Card photos and more.

Online Services

Protected service for the purpose of forwarding sensitive information and credit card information etc.