Stony Plain Registries | Vital Statistics
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Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics

A variety of official documents of vital events that have occurred in Alberta can be ordered through our registry.  You must be personally present in our office with government issued identification and meet eligibility requirements to order certificates or certified copies of registrations.


For applications, go to FORMS on our website and click on the type of certificate required.


If you require an Alberta Vital Statistics Document and do not reside in Alberta. Please visit for more information.

Marriage Application:


If you are getting married in Alberta, we can do your marriage licence. They are valid for 90 days, complete the Marriage Application form and bring into our office (both bride and groom) along with your I.D. If you were previously married and now divorced you will need to provide the divorce certificate.

Alberta Law Courts Website:

If you were divorced somewhere else contact the divorce court in that jurisdiction.

Need to do a Legal Name Change?


We can help you out with that as well. More information.


Please stop by our office to pick up a Legal Name Change Application form. It is a booklet, so we are not able to post the form online or fax it to you as the booklet must remain intact.


  • Alberta Government Fee $120.00
  • Our Service fee $52.50
  • Fingerprint Registration Fee $25.00 (for those age 12 and over – you will also pay to have fingerprints done at the RCMP) You must bring confirmation of electronic fingerprints with the application form.