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Corporate Registry

Corporate Registry

At Stony Plain Registries we have been offering Alberta Corporate services since 1998 when the Alberta Government privatized the delivery of most of its services. We have knowledgeable staff on site with Level 1,2,3 accreditation. Most transactions can be done on the spot while you wait. Generally turn around time for Nuans reports is 2-3 business hours. Incorporations /Name Changes 3-4 business hours from receipt of completed documents and Nuans reports, Structure Changes can take up to 3 days depending on the complexity.


Please Note: Corporate Registries cannot currently be processed though our website, as you must present identification.


We also offer an Alberta Incorporation Package this package includes the forms you will be required use to register your new business or incorporation in Alberta.


This means that we can help you with the following common services and more:



Partnership Registrations, Maintenance of all Trade Name, Partnership Name, Corporation Records:


Alberta Incorporations:


Maintenance of Alberta Corporations, Change of directors, shareholders, address:


Revivals and Reinstatement’s of Alberta Corporations and Extra-Provincial Corporations


We also do Continuance In, Continuance Out and Extra-Provincial registrations (Registering your Alberta Corporation In B.C. or Saskatchewan).