Stony Plain Registries | Personal Property
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Personal Property

Personal Property Registry

Personal property refers to items such as motor vehicles, boats, boat motors, trailers, equipment, air planes, mobile homes.


We can register liens in the Personal Property system that relate to security interests in these items, or writs of enforcement issued by the courts. These are typically registered within the Province, but we have the ability to register in other provinces as well.





To do a registration, please fill out the appropriate form from the link above and attend our office.


Serial Number Search available on:

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Boats or boat motors
  • Mobile Homes (this searches liens only, there is no ownership registration in Alberta)
  • Aircraft


Searches on Individuals or Businesses to see if there is a lien or writ registered against them. This may be useful if you plan to do business with the company or person or if you are owed money and you want to see if there are registered interests already against that individual or business.


This database only contains information of items/people/business that DO have liens/writs registered against them. Therefore if there is no lien, your search will say “nothing found” which is good!


If you need to do a search, either come in, phone, or fill out the Search Request Request Form from the Online Services section of this website.